In Press: Re‐casting experience and risk along rocky coasts: A relational analysis using qualitative GIS

Just out is a research paper led by Pete Kamstra, examining the spatial and temporal variables of risk perception. Centering on the activities of rock fishers on the Eastern coast of Australia.

Rock fishing as a recreational activity involves exposure to the combined risk of waves and slippery/uneven surfaces. The risk of wave breaking directly over individuals has been shown to vary with coastal shape.

The paper examined how an individuals experience of risk influences their actual behaviour on the coast. Fishers were asked to outline and define where they perceived risk, and this was compared with the actual behaviour of individuals thorough the use of cameras and GPS trackers.

It was found that experienced fishers are better equipped to move safely through the environment as they have a better perception of risk.

This paper draws attention to the spatial and temporal variability of risk  that is needed for management of hazards on the coast.


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