PhD opportunity in Marine/Coastal Sediments

The following PhD project is currently available with the Melbourne University coastal lab:

Littoral and shallow marine sedimentology of a temperate high-energy shelf:

It is broadly known that the Victorian coast, Australia is partitioned into a siliceous eastern zone and carbonaceous western zone in the intertidal zone. Less is however known of the composition of sediment offshore and whether the littoral zone is connected to an active sediment supply or is primarily relict. For example the shelf environment of western Victoria is a productive temperate region, but the connection between this carbonate factory and the shore is poorly understood. This PhD project will focus on the sedimentology of the Victorian coast.

It will aim to:

    • Quantify the compositional and textural characteristics of the Victorian marine zone, from beyond wave base to the coastal dunes
    • Identify the connection between sediment source and depositional areas.
    • Assess the current rates of sediment supply to the coast.

Qualifications: An honours 1 (or equivalent) in physical geography/geomorphology and/or marine geology. Experience with the temperate marine systems would be an advantage. The candidate must hold, or be eligible for, a full Victorian drivers license. (Full entry requirements can be found at )

Project partners: Deakin University, The University of Melbourne, Department of Environment Land Water and Planning, DHI.

Value: c. AUD$30,000 (UoM) per annum tax exempt for 3yrs, project support (incl. computer, travel) plus a $3000 grant during your candidature.


Closing date: Applications will be assessed as they are received. The scholarship is available from 1 Jan 2019.

Further Contact: A/Prof David Kennedy,


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